FLORIMO® Aquatic plant potting soil

A decorative pond is an enchanting feature in the garden, influencing its microclimate and acting as a welcoming oasis for birds. Achieving a harmonious balance is key when designing it. Since water warms up later compared to the air, we recommend planting aquatic plants in April and May. Aquatic plants require a specialized planting medium. […]

FLORIMO® Bonsai potting soil

Every few years it is advisable to replant bonsai trees, and during such occasions, the application of special planting material is recommended. The Florimo Bonsai soil is characterized by its neutral pH, excellent moisture absorption, and water drainage capabilities. The replanting process is particularly delicate for our plants. It should be executed when you facing […]

FLORIMO® Palm and green plant potting soil

A loose-textured, brown, odour-free growing medium. Sooner or later, each of our plants will need to be replanted. The choice of the perfect substrate is influenced by several conditions, but the first and most crucial factor is the plant itself. These plants are accustomed to frequent precipitation and thrive in moist, yet fast-draining soil; therefore, […]

FLORIMO® Citrus and Mediterranean plant potting soil

A loose-textured, brown, odour-free growing medium. Offers an ideal nutrient supply and air circulation for citrus plants. Initially, young citrus plants are typically placed in smaller pots or containers for convenient transportation. However, continuing their growth in these containers is not advisable; they should be replanted. The root system of balled and burlapped plants is […]

FLORIMO® Evergreen plant potting soil

Brown, loose-textured growing medium Evergreen plants, originating from environments with a naturally lower pH, flourish best in acidic soil conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to enrich the soil with peat to achieve the appropriate chemical balance. For planting, prepare a suitable hole (pot or planting container) for the plant and fill it one-third full with […]

FLORIMO® Rhododendron potting soil

Brown, loose-textured growing medium The key to successful rhododendron care lies in the choice of the right planting medium. Rhododendrons thrive in acidic, well-drained soil (pH 4.2-5.5) enriched with organic matter. When replanting, moisten the medium and place the plant in a pot that is 2-5 cm larger than the original one. For shrub planting, […]

FLORIMO® Cactus potting soil

Specially formulated soil mix with rich content. Cactuses are undemanding plants that thrive in harsh conditions, even in places with poor nutrient supply. It’s true that under such circumstances, their development is slow, and they gradually adopt their characteristic habits and appearance. However, under well-cared conditions, their growth is quick, and their development takes a […]

FLORIMO® Orchid potting soil

The orchid captivates us with the splendour of its flowers for months, providing delight and anticipation. We love gifting it, and for those who grow fond of it, ensuring the proper development of its flowers becomes crucial for the joy of witnessing its blossoms again. Orchids demand meticulous attention and thrive in one of the […]

FLORIMO® Rose potting soil

Achieving successful rose cultivation hinges on proper planting, with the choice of the appropriate planting medium playing a crucial role in the process. For both potted and ground-planted roses, as well as azaleas, golden rain, jasmine, Japanese quince, pearl bush, and other flowering ornamental shrubs, we recommend Florimo Rose Potting Soil. A soil structure rich […]

FLORIMO® Garden flower and vegetable potting soil

In early spring, we plan and ready the ground for our garden and culinary plot. This involves preparing the soil before planting. Dig individual holes for the plants, each with a diameter of 25-30 cm and the same depth. Fill them with the appropriate planting medium so that it mounds up 8-10 cm above ground […]