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Our products

Explore our products that have helped hundreds of thousands of Hungarian households blooming. We have solutions for almost any plant and situation.

Potting soils

Good potting soil absorbs and retains irrigation water. It continuously supplies developing roots with water-soluble macro- and micronutrients, providing essential nourishment.

Nutrient solutions

Your plants will beautifully adorn when their needs are optimally satisfied. After transplanting, use the nutrient-rich FLORIMO® nutrient solutions with a high content of macro- and micronutrients. This initiates vigorous growth, leading to a vibrant flowering of the plant.

Nutrient Sticks

Supply the plant with nutrients customised to its needs for 12 weeks. A convenient solution for nutrient replenishment in flowering plants. The even release of nutrients provides healthy, green foliage and lush bloom.


Fertilisers are tailored to the specific needs of different plant groups. They contain essential supplementary nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth.

Soil mulches

We recommend using ground covers for your flowerbeds, garden paths, for ground coverage, insulation, and soil preservation. It transmits rainfall to the soil, but prevents rapid water evaporation, ensuring your garden stays hydrated, reducing the need for frequent watering.

Plant Care Products

Clay granules, spray against aphids, scale insects, and mites, as well as leaf shine wipes. Regularly care for your plants with FLORIMO® plant care products.

Soil Improvement Materials

With using peat cubes, natural peat, and horticultural perlite, you can improve the soil’s nutrient retention capacity, aeration, water supply.

PremiVit Product Line

Discover our manures and products in specialized retailer shops, garden centres, farmer’s stores - where professional assistance is available alongside our products!

Organic fertilizers

The yield increases, resulting in a more flavourful and tasty produce. The coloration of the blooms becomes more vibrant and the stress tolerance and winter hardiness of your plants will improve.