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Learn about the History and Present of Matécsa Ltd.

Where did we start and where are we today?

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As a family business, the production and packaging of potting soil began with rudimentary tools and methods.


Matécsa Ltd. was established, and in the same year, the current establishment was acquired through purchase.


The acquisition of a company with peat mining rights, including a 70-hectare peat mine, ensuring a continuous and high-quality supply of black peat. Additionally, a new warehouse was delivered.


Expansion of the Florimo potting soil family, acquisition, and commissioning of a new automatic packaging production line.


Following successful negotiations, export to the Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, and Bosnian markets. Further expansion of the manufacturing hall.


Significant site developments: expansion of production lines, warehouse enlargement, and construction of covered storage facilities. Computer-assisted recipe-based mixing of raw materials to ensure continuous, high-quality production.


Further improvements in manufacturing technology to meet the market demand. First automated production line in Hungary was introduced. Our company has launched the PremiVit product line, composed entirely of 100% natural ingredients. As of the end of the year, our company has become a part of the Italian Biolchim Group. The Biolchim Group is a leading European manufacturer in the innovative production of specialty fertilizers and biostimulants, with its products being available in over 70 countries worldwide, produced in multiple facilities across the globe.


The FLORIMO product line is receiving a new design. Our products are now available in both the Czech Republic and Italy.


Our company has joined the J.M. Huber Corporation. Founded on a tradition of fostering robust customer relationships, upholding high ethical standards, and playing a leadership role in technology, Huber stands as one of America's largest family-owned businesses.


Matécsa Ltd. has now emerged as one of the foremost manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe, producing 100,000 m³ of potting soil annually. Our commitment to high-quality products guarantees the secure and proper development of plants in almost every cultural context.