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FLORIMO® Orchid potting soil

The orchid captivates us with the splendour of its flowers for months, providing delight and anticipation. We love gifting it, and for those who grow fond of it, ensuring the proper development of its flowers becomes crucial for the joy of witnessing its blossoms again.

Orchids demand meticulous attention and thrive in one of the most specialized cultivation environments. Being an epiphytic plant in its natural habitat (living on trees but not parasitic), it does not rely on a soil-based growing medium. Orchids prefer a loose structure, which is why Florimo Orchid potting soil is an optimal substrate, incorporating selected pine bark, perlite, coconut husk, and fibrous peat.

Did you know that orchids are recommended to be repotted every year? When the orchid is consistently exposed to a fresh atmosphere, it blooms more abundantly and becomes more beautiful, stronger, and more robust.

The quality of potting soil matters significantly. Choose certified quality!

Packaging: 3 litres

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(pH 4,69 +-0,5)

What does the pH value of soils mean? Click here and read our article!


For orchids, anthuriums, and bromeliads.


PinDekor pine bark, Coconut fibre, Fibrous Sphagnum peat, Perlite, PG-Mix fertilizer

What does this product contain?

Sphagnum moss peat

Lowland peat


PG-Mix fertilizer


Why should you choose Florimo products?

We have 30 years professional experience in the industry

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The widest range of Hungarian potting soils

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Nutrients up to several months

Your FLORIMO® potting soil may offer sufficient nourishment for an extended period.

We produce and store our potting soil in covered facilities throughout the entire year

Thus ensuring the highest quality from spring to winter.

High humic acid content in our potting soils.

This allows essential nutrients to be absorbed throughout the root system, promoting healthier plants.

Computerised recipes

We exclusively combine the ingredients of our potting soils according to computerised recipes.

We own one of the largest potting soil factories in Central Europe

We supply our products to the entire region, from Italy to Romania.

We have been known in the industry for decades

When choosing our products, you also receive professional assistance at specialty stores, as FLORIMO® products have been recognised for many years.


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