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FLORIMO® Rose potting soil

Achieving successful rose cultivation hinges on proper planting, with the choice of the appropriate planting medium playing a crucial role in the process. For both potted and ground-planted roses, as well as azaleas, golden rain, jasmine, Japanese quince, pearl bush, and other flowering ornamental shrubs, we recommend Florimo Rose Potting Soil.

A soil structure rich in organic content not only fosters root strengthening but also stimulates shoot formation. It is essential to annually refresh the area around your planted vegetation, providing a continuous nutrient supply for your plants.

The quality of potting soil matters significantly. Choose certified quality!

Packaging: 20 litres

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(pH 6,7 +-0,5)

What does the pH value of soils mean? Click here and read our article!


For all types of potted and ground-planted roses,  lilacs, golden rain, jasmine, Japanese quince, pearl bush, and other flowering ornamental shrubs.


Sphagnum moss peat, peat from Sávoly, Composted cattle manure., Clay, Fertilizer mix.

What does this product contain?

Sphagnum moss peat

Lowland peat


Fertilizer mix

Composted cattle manure

Why should you choose Florimo products?

We have 30 years professional experience in the industry

You can trust us, we've proven ourselves in hundreds of thousands of households.

The widest range of Hungarian potting soils

You will definitely find the perfect choice for you.

Nutrients up to several months

Your FLORIMO® potting soil may offer sufficient nourishment for an extended period.

We produce and store our potting soil in covered facilities throughout the entire year

Thus ensuring the highest quality from spring to winter.

High humic acid content in our potting soils.

This allows essential nutrients to be absorbed throughout the root system, promoting healthier plants.

Computerised recipes

We exclusively combine the ingredients of our potting soils according to computerised recipes.

We own one of the largest potting soil factories in Central Europe

We supply our products to the entire region, from Italy to Romania.

We have been known in the industry for decades

When choosing our products, you also receive professional assistance at specialty stores, as FLORIMO® products have been recognised for many years.


Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to respond to any questions you may have